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King’s Cliffe Airfield

Aviation Posted on Tue, July 09, 2019 19:28:44

The memorial below is on the edge of the former airfield which, helpfully, has a public bridleway through it giving access to what remains, which isn’t a lot. The runways are marked by heavy tree lines but old blast pens and shelters are easy to find with some remains of hard standings. A few other buildings, including the former cinema/gym are in use for light industrial purposes a little further up the road. I believe that the derelict control tower also exists but that we need to be for another time.

Kings Cliffe memorial

Aviation Posted on Mon, July 08, 2019 18:14:48

Kings Cliffe was the most westerly eighth Air Force base used by the USAAF in WWII being home to various units mainly flying P38s and P51s. I went for a bit of a nose on Friday and found this nice memorial.


Aviation Posted on Sun, July 07, 2019 22:36:36

Caught this twin seat Spitfire T.IX at a distance over Molesworth today either on test or giving some lucky soul some airborne thrills.

DX 5.7.19

Aviation Posted on Sun, July 07, 2019 22:27:36

I gave myself a spare hour heading north on Friday and so popped in to Duxford for a quick scout around. Preparations for FL were evident although I missed a Spit test flight as it was just landing as I arrived. There were Spits, Buchons and Hurrricanes taking in the sun although none of the latter are presently listed as participating in FL.

Corsair mishap

Aviation Posted on Thu, July 04, 2019 18:05:26

As Gaz pointed out earlier the Canadian FG-1D Corsair owned by Vintage Wings of Canada has suffered significant damage after leaving the runway at Gatineau yesterday. Although injured the pilot appears to be OK which is good news. We saw this Corsair at Hamilton a few years ago. Let’s hope it can be restored.

Manston wins!

Aviation Posted on Wed, July 03, 2019 17:49:36

Seems the owners of Manston have surrendered. It has been announced that Riveroak Strategic Partners have agreed a deal and purchased the airfield which closed 5 years ago. It is proposed that commercial flights will re-start around spring 2022 although maybe we could get a celebratory visitor or two before then?

Banff Airfield

Aviation Posted on Mon, July 01, 2019 00:04:23

After visiting the memorial below I went on a short way to the airfield at Banff. It is now used for a mixture of light industry and agriculture and there is a kart track in one corner. However, it is also possible to find dilapidated remains of airfield buildings and the control tower is also still extant although this and some other buildings had to be shot using very long zoom settings.


Aviation Posted on Fri, June 28, 2019 20:49:27

Balmoral Estate has a memorial for the household dead of WWI and WWII and also acknowledged the RAF centenary last year.

Banff Memorial

Aviation Posted on Thu, June 27, 2019 10:19:42

There were six Banff strike wing squadrons and I have previously posted up a memorial at Dallachy, one of the airfields used by the strike wings. There is another memorial just along the road from RAF Banff itself. This is in the form of an impressive granite stone which a drunken motorist managed to knock flat early this year. I believe the driver was OK but suspect his car was less so. Fortunately the memorial has been re-erected and again serves as a fitting tribute. There are trees in the layby dedicated to each of the six squadrons.

RAF Brackla

Aviation Posted on Tue, June 25, 2019 18:52:52

This was a relief landing ground for RAF Dalcross (now Inverness Airport) and opened in 1941. It only ever had grass runways although there were proper perimeter tracks and hard standings. After the war the field was used for aircraft scrapping, particularly surplus Halifaxes but was closed in 1946. As there were no runways and the airfield has reverted to agriculture it is hard to spot these days although some sections of track survive although they are not readily accessible.

Highlands Aviation Museum

Aviation Posted on Tue, June 25, 2019 08:46:27

This is a small museum just outside of Inverness Airport. They only have three full size airframes and a fuselage section of a Nimrod although their general policy is to have the exhibits open to the public so when we visited I was able to sit in the Tornado and the Hunter and the Nimrod was open with all of its SAR type gear still in situ so you can ‘play’ with dials and switches if desired! There are also a few artefacts, models etc in a small admin building. Not worth a special trip but if you are in the area the place is an interesting diversion for an hour or so.

An old friend

Aviation Posted on Sat, June 15, 2019 18:11:18

Used to see this Steerman quite often as it was of course based at Manston for a long time. Managed a quick grab today as it passed a little way off the back garden.

Also transiting through around lunch time were the Red Arrows en route to Farnborough from the Netherlands but they moved too quick to grab the camera!

Odds and Ends

Aviation Posted on Sat, June 15, 2019 00:13:33

Some final images from last week

Have to smile

Aviation Posted on Mon, June 10, 2019 18:44:34

A brief item in Warrington Worldwide reports on the BBMF Lanc being spotted in the air yesterday and says:

The iconic plane was easily identified by its nose art featuring a kangaroo and bagpipes”

I’m probably getting picky in my old age but I don’t think the nose art was the real clue to identifying the Lanc!

Virginia Ann

Video Posted on Sat, June 08, 2019 18:27:48

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