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I’ll see you ….

Aviation Posted on Mon, October 21, 2019 18:22:52

… and raise …?

Cosford open cockpit day

Aviation Posted on Sun, October 20, 2019 16:57:23

Popped in to Cosford for their cockpit event yesterday and here are a few snaps.

The Catalina outside is showing signs of weathering. It has been touched up but not that well. Got to sit in the ‘Butcher bird’ yesterday and whilst with it l snapped it with the cowlings open too. Many tits and bits missing and l was told it came up to Cosford in a poor state and when the IWM dismantled it let’s just say they they should have googled it. Got a fairly nice snap of the Gladbag but had to back up to the wall to stand a chance .

Got loved up to the Ki 100. Looks complete and fairly good condition considering the length of time it’s been in our hands. Still too many signs plonked in front of exhibits though! 

This is new!

Aviation Posted on Sun, October 20, 2019 16:44:41

D/X September Arrivals Day

Aviation Posted on Mon, September 23, 2019 05:14:06

I did venture down to DX on friday to see the arrivals. I had a cracking day  and stayed until chucking out time at 6pm when they rounded us all up. The Vultee BT-13 was mint as was seeing the DH9 fly late afternoon and saw a great formation practice involving Mustangs Buchon and Spitfires. Four Hurricanes attended. No sign of ‘Joe’ and I did look out for him but there you go. Several things put me off doing the show proper so I went to the Nene Valley Railway south of Peterborough to find The Flying Scotsman in steam instead.

Cosby 7/9/19

Aviation Posted on Sun, September 08, 2019 22:34:10

A few photographs I took yesterday at The Victory Show at Cosby which was a first time for me and at will quite frankly be the last time. It was awful and it’s been taken over by the airshow ‘experts’ and moulded things for their benefit and not the ordinary Joe with your average camera. The aircraft flew that high that you need the ‘Hubble’ telescope to see them and they flew a similar display to Virginia Beach which okey I’m good with airshow safety and know that things had to be addressed after the most Dynamic Hawker Hunter display there ever was and for some was the last but, Jeez…………………………………………

More Cosford

Aviation Posted on Sat, August 17, 2019 23:55:50

Called into the museum before the afternoon tour. Nothing to report other than the Defiant has been moved to another position and in its place was the PR Spitfire with yellow and white ‘Bunting’ surrounding it

Cosford part 2

Aviation Posted on Fri, August 16, 2019 23:21:04

A few snaps from my visit

Cosford Technical School

Aviation Posted on Fri, August 16, 2019 09:30:37

Bruntingthorpe 11/8/19

Aviation Posted on Thu, August 15, 2019 13:31:22

Popped into Bruntingthorpe on the way back from pricing a external job up nearby as a recon to see if the place was full of cars still.  With the view of attending the bank holiday event I called in to see what was happening. Quite a surprise awaited. Still £5 cash to get in but you are not allowed to venture to the six Tristar aircraft, two VC10, Shackleton MR.3 or Victor K2 because they are off limits due to those aircraft being owned/operated by another group and is only available during open day events. So I had to endure what was on offer at the near end and the LPG ramp. The LPG ramp had a cockpit covered Lightning outside with a ‘write-off ‘x-reg Ford Transit to keep it company. The rest of the aircraft are surrounded by caravans, scrap military lorries, various tits and bits from other aircraft and generally the place is nothing more than a bloody tip. I thought North Weald was a mess but thisis something else. Anyway the bottom line is that I will not be attending the event because with the exception of the LPG aircraft, they all need a lick of paint and look awful to photograph as they are now.

East Kirkby 3/8

Aviation Posted on Tue, August 06, 2019 23:03:04

Duxford Showcase event 4th August 2019 normal admission prices !!

Aviation Posted on Tue, July 30, 2019 23:21:56

It appears that IWM Duxford are putting on some kind of limited flying event 4th August 2019 featuring some of the residents from around 13.00hrs onwards. Another two similar events are planned featuring other Duxford residents.

Test photo:

Aviation Posted on Sun, July 28, 2019 19:55:21

BT-13 Valiant ?

Aviation Posted on Thu, July 18, 2019 21:39:51

Rare BT-13 Valiant listed on IWM Duxford September Show. Could be the one from Germany. Still nice to see though.

Loughborough Uni today

Aviation Posted on Wed, July 17, 2019 22:42:12

Had to paint some walls in the aerodynamic and automobile department at Loughborough University this morning and had this as a backdrop !!

Flying Legends 2019 Thursday arrivals

Aviation Posted on Wed, July 17, 2019 22:26:36

A few snaps from Flying Legends thursday arrivals before bumping into the boss and his wingman and dinner later ending in up in the John Barleycorn for a run out and catch up. All things considered in the three hours I was on site I did pretty well by my standards and came away quite happy having paid the £16 old farty rate. Included the Spitfire ‘selfie’ from the hotel which went pretty well sleep and location wise and price too.