So One.Com keep ‘improving’ their services. In the main these are improvements that I haven’t sought or even particularly want. They tell me that I now benefit from double the storage space when I had barely used a quarter of what was there previously. They say  “We believe in our products, and that the products and quality we offer is worth the price”. I raised the question of price with them because it has increased over 30% on last year, after a loyalty discount has been applied. In 2017 I renewed at just under £25, this time it is £107. By next year it will have gone up 5 fold in 4 years because they keep moving the goalposts on their basic package. In the grand scheme of things is £10 per month a lot to ask? Probably not. But is there anything else where I would accept that kind of increase without telling them to take a hike? Again, probably not. I could look elsewhere but can’t help feeling that with the amount of stuff posted over the last 8 years a migration could go horribly wrong so given that I don’t especially want to call it quits I guess I’m left with sucking it up as Anna Soubry so nicely said a little while back.