So, with a New Year imminent I though I would have a quick look back at 2019. A quiet year in terms of air shows as I only did Flying Legends which was a bit flat this time around. Although not an air show I also attended the Duxford Dakota event back in May which, unfortunately, was not helped by the weather. It was a great effort by those owners that got their aircraft to the show and impressive to see so many Daks together but ultimately it did not really live up to the hype.

A better event was the Duxford showcase day that I attended in August. Only a handful of aircraft putting on a short display but actually a good day out.

A trip to Lincolnshire early in the year enabled me to take in some old airfields and check the progress on the East Kirkby Lancaster restoration and also visit the impressive bomber command memorial in Lincoln itself. There was a little more airfield hunting in Scotland before Legends in July the high point of which was having Marcus over from Canada for a couple of days.

Marcus stayed on the agenda as we managed to bump in to each other in Oregon in September and our couple of weeks over there was a big plus this year. No air shows but some impressive museums and a few firsts in terms of aircraft spotting.

The year drew to a close with an enjoyable visit to Cosford and the workshop open day and finally a closing visit to Duxford.

Thanks especially to Gary for his ongoing support in contributing to the posts here and hopefully we will manage a few more for 2020. Not sure what these will be as yet since 2020 hols have been booked and do not include any air shows or museums. Dates for Legends are not yet confirmed but, unless content improves, I would class myself as doubtful for going. Still, it is the 80th anniversary of BoB in 2020 so there might be some shows marking that that will tempt me. Duxford in September is a possible and there are a couple of other shows not previously attended under consideration. 

So Happy New Year to all, keep checking for updates if you are interested and here are a few reminders from the last 12 months.