Heading home from Norfolk this morning I took a very small detour and popped in to Duxford for the last of what has turned out to be several visits this year. Seemingly the bag check gestapo were sleeping off the Christmas turkey as no one was being accosted on the way in today. All was fairly quiet really with the flying population tucked up for the winter and although the viewing area was open there weren’t even any lights on in the ARCO hangar. Probably run out of coins for the meter! Still down that end was the ‘Heinkel’ 111 that is off to Hawkinge so could be the last time I see that.

As Gaz mentioned recently, no change on the CR42 front and most of the long term TFC stuff looked much as it has for a while although there was something looking suspiciously like an engine next to the Beau. The Staggerwing was also in a more promising position. Sally B was in for the winter sporting the new engine that recently replaced ‘smokey joe’ although I understand that it has not been air tested as one of the other engines failed to fire up on the day and they ran out of time before placing the old girl under cover. Anyway, some pictures from today’s meander around.