On the way down to IWM Duxford on Sunday morning, I called into the former USAAF Glatton just after Peterborough on the A1 and first thing that came into view was the water-tower which has stood firm all these years. I had a look around the airfield area just old times sake. Traces of perimeter track are still there and I must check if the ‘Blister’ hangar adjoining a mediam sized hangar at the flying club is an original one off the airfield and if it is indeed standing on it’s original position. There is a memorial in Connington Church but there sadly is no access to it because since I last viewed it with ‘H’ someone has gated off the entrance and you are reminded that it is ‘private property’ so do be aware of this if you want to view that memorial and the stone pilots heads looking toward the airfield. The memorial by the water tower is still there and in good condition and has not been vandelised in anyway. It does help I suppose with a house overlooking across the road keeping tabs on things. On the Village Green there is a memorial on a post similar to the one myself and Rebecca and Peter saw at Thorpe Abbotts. Anyway I took some snaps but not too many because it was bloody nippy and up and coming was the 10 o clock bag search at Duxford.