Called into IWM Duxford 1-12-2019 to see if there was any movement on the Bristol Beaufighter but I found it as always in it’s normal position in the TFC Hangar. CR.42 still no change there, drip tray under the engine and the term that springs to mind is ‘how long is a piece of string’. Sally B was under going the works in hangar two and opposite was the Plane Sailing PBY also under going winter engineering. P-47D Thunderbolt ‘Nelle B’ was in the hangar along with a Sywell Mk V Spitfire. All red Fokker Triplane was in the same hangar and at the back of Sally B was the ARCO Lysander and with some other tits and bits. It’s Wild Hawg has been moved since I was last there. Did manage two shots with the mobile phobe of the Spad replica in the AAM hangar. No sign of the TFC Mk 22 expected or the Sea Fury.