Called in to Duxford today having nothing much to do whilst ‘Little Legs’ was at work and this left me pondering what to do. So drove down for two hours via a stop for breakfast at Peterborough Sevices. Parked up in the Duxford carpark as normal and gained access to the entrance ready to pay to get on the premises. So far so good as I thought. Nobody at the bag-search desk so I walked to the end of the line where I was greeted if you can call it that by an elderly jobsworth type who asked if I was a day ticket adult’ ? which I replied yes all very nicely nicely and all. At that point he said can I take my bag to the table for a bag-search which I agreed and said nothing other than ‘OK’ but it was clear as day he had taken a dislike to me and started getting shitty with me and bloody clever. I did not react and kept calm on the grounds that I was wondering which way this was going to go, opened my bay for inspected and moved various tits and bits around and thought that was it. Not so, wanted me to open my black camera bag which it clearly was and having a face like a smacked ar*se because he found nothing (all on video I assume with audio ) then have the bleeding cheek to ask me if I was carrying in the bag any concealed weapons !! at this point and started to laugh and look pretty smug. I told I had not and he then said oh right and I then said I’m not laughing and did not find it funny and looked straight at him. At that point he backed off and he allowed me to go to the payment desk. I’m now thinking is this new IWM action which he is carrying out ? or is he simply just a twat that for whatever reason took an instant dislike to me for his own amusement ? Honestly Peter I’m thinking balls to it because if this is the way the IWM is going this sorry mate your on your own. Beware of either him or IWM implementations during future visits. I thought my money was as good as anybody elses but it appears thats not the case. I felt bleeding insulted by this twat and to even ask if I was carrying weapons being ‘White British’ and unlike some proud of that fact gave me the impression that he singled me out. Wrong colour skin I guess. If I was a ‘colour’ he more than likely would have said nothing in case he got into hot water. Seriously thinking of complaining to the IWM although in my own heart I know they won’t even blink and eyelid and I’m thinking now its time to call time on Duxford for good.