On Monday I was telling Marcus that although I was keen to see the museum I would not be going to the Erickson Collection as it was a good three hour drive each way. On Tuesday we had a day of site seeing in the rain for most of the day. Wednesday dawned to even heavier rain so the wingman suggested we headed East to the museum anyway. Who was I to refuse!

And what a place it is. The museum is essentially a hangar full of airworthy aircraft with an information board in front of each and some other displays regarding pilots, WWII campaigns and the like. There are no barriers around the aircraft, no big brother watching and you can wander as you please. Of the whole collection of 27 aircraft all but two are airworthy and these are a P-39 recovered from a lake and a Martin Mauler. Two of the collection were away – the P-51 and B-17 Madras Maiden although I have seen the latter in its previous guise as Chuckie. There were two visiting aircraft including the natural metal P-40 which the nice lady on reception stated was an all original aircraft with an Allison engine. Certainly go there if you get the chance.