I was last at Brooklands 5 years ago for the 45th anniversary of a certain car. Today I was back for the 50th and with the help of a friend got both of them there. But the day out also gave me a chance to check the changes to the museum since they moved the main hangar a little while ago and built and extension to the back of it.

One of the problems of the main hangar previously was clutter and sadly this has not changed. They have tried to make display more informative in terms of design and development but the ned result is lots of boards and stuff cluttering up everything so if you want anything resembling a decent shot of the Wellington you are still out of luck. Overhead gantries mean you can look down on it and get quite close to some of the structure but no ‘view’ from anywhere. the new hangar has less clutter but is tightly packed so don’t expect good photo opportunities.

Outside, the Viking that they were working on 5 years ago does not appear finished and the Vangaurd and Varsity were cloaked in scaffold for painting works which I guess can’t be helped. The Vimy replica is now in a hangar with a Harrier but is also well cluttered. Interesting exhibits but limited scope for nice snaps.