Using a favourable weather forecast and my birthday yesterday as an excuse for a day off today we headed to Duxford for the second of their Show Case events. Although there was minimal detail on the website until Monday there was a promise of some flying from 9 resident warbirds and standard admission charges. As members that  meant no cost at all to us. Also, as it turned out, members were directed to parking on the airfield itself quite close to the shop and superhangar, so quite useful.

So what did we get? Well, we had fair weather and flying from 9 aircraft. The website suggested two P40s but I guess there were service issues as we ended up with a MKV Spitfire and Hawk 75 instead but no worries there. Additionally there was a Stearman, Sea Fury, Fury, Bearcat, Wildcat, Corsair and Catalina. The first 6 performed at 1pm for close on an hour and then the last three did another 30 minutes at 3pm and all generally put in good slots.

D/X was busy but it was easy to get to the fence to watch the flying, no deckchairs with towels on, no tannoy drowning out the noise and it was a generally relaxed afternoon. OK there were only 9 flying aircraft but there was other stuff buzzing around during the day and the museum was properly open as well. So if the weather plays ball and the content is OK I would consider doing this again. Next one is 20th October but no more details than that at present. Anyway, a few snaps.