Popped into Bruntingthorpe on the way back from pricing a external job up nearby as a recon to see if the place was full of cars still.  With the view of attending the bank holiday event I called in to see what was happening. Quite a surprise awaited. Still £5 cash to get in but you are not allowed to venture to the six Tristar aircraft, two VC10, Shackleton MR.3 or Victor K2 because they are off limits due to those aircraft being owned/operated by another group and is only available during open day events. So I had to endure what was on offer at the near end and the LPG ramp. The LPG ramp had a cockpit covered Lightning outside with a ‘write-off ‘x-reg Ford Transit to keep it company. The rest of the aircraft are surrounded by caravans, scrap military lorries, various tits and bits from other aircraft and generally the place is nothing more than a bloody tip. I thought North Weald was a mess but thisis something else. Anyway the bottom line is that I will not be attending the event because with the exception of the LPG aircraft, they all need a lick of paint and look awful to photograph as they are now.