I must admit I was considering whether or not to go to this event this time around as the content seemed a bit light. On reflection we have been spoiled in previous years but for 2019 there were still over 40 warbirds plus the Red Arrows. The Reds did a pre show display which was restricted to their flat routine due to low cloud but never the less quite impressive. The main show started with the usual Spitfire tail chase with a dozen Spits participating and three more in a different slot later on. We had 5 Buchons on the flight line, which was a first, but sadly they split in to two groups to display and there was no proper 5 ship pass which seemed a missed opportunity. The newly restored Lizzie looked good and did some nice passes with the Blenheim and most of the usual suspects performed nicely. The highlight of the day could have been the first show performance of the DH9 but after an interview with Guy Black on the recovery and restoration of the a/c it went tech and couldn’t fly. Things went a bit flat after that with the wing walkers who don’t really fit the bill for Legends anyway imho.

On the plus side commentary was from the Aussie chap from Temora who did last year and there was an interview with Nick Gray although unfortunately that took place during the main show and it was impossible to here chunks of it. I could have done without half the M2 being closed so it took 30 minutes longer than normal to get to DX but can’t blame that on the organisers. We did get a nice chat with the Typhoon restoration crew and bought a shirt to try and help their 5 year resto plan. Ultimately it wasn’t a bad show but what raised it was having Marcus along as companion. Another year if the line up was the same I think I would consider the September show instead as that is starting to look a better event than Legends these days.